Real People Real Talk

A Divided Nation Needs a United Church.

November 10, 2020 Paul Calcote Season 1 Episode 43
Real People Real Talk
A Divided Nation Needs a United Church.
Show Notes

Someone once said that it's impolite to talk about Religion and Politics, but today we are going THERE and talking about both.  The US is divided between red states and blue states, Trump supporters & Biden supporters, but today we have a thought provoking conversation about Unity in the Body of Christ in the midst of a divided nation. 

Questions we answer

  1. Which political party is the true Christian Party?
  2. How should the Body of Christ lead during such divisive times in our nation?
  3. What causes Division in the Body of Christ?
  4. What does it look like to be peacemakers and walk in unity practially?

Today’s Guests: Pastors Ivrin Wasswa, Adam Venters, and Matthew Weaver

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