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7 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

December 06, 2020 Paul Calcote Season 1 Episode 47
Real People Real Talk
7 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues
Show Notes

It's the most wonderful time of the year...or is it!? We are going there today and tackling the topic of the Holiday Blues.  According to The Holiday blues are defined as temporary feelings of anxiety or depression during the holidays.  It can be caused by unrealistic expectations, exhaustion\stress, financial difficulties, nostalgia for holidays of the past, and more! My guest today, Nicole Brown, is a Learning & Engagement Specialist as well as a Blogger & Influencer that shares affordable styles and inspirations to live your best life. 

Our List 

  1. Start a new tradition 
  2. Back to the basics: sunlight, rest, & exercise 
  3. Find a way to give back 
  4. Cheer on your essential worker friends 
  5. Don't overextend yourself
  6. Do all of your favorite holiday things 
  7. Stay close to Jesus 

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